Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure is a category of work that is generally referred to as public works projects. The public is usually unaware of these important facilities such as water filter plants and water reclamation facilities – until things don’t work. Their cost can be from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars — and they do require architecture. These facilities are now being located in more populated urban environments and suburban communities. Therefore, they require a more aesthetic contextual approach than previously customary. They are also garnering more attention because of the concerns over clean water conservation and its condition when we return it to our rivers and lakes. Historians have stated that clean water has had more impact on human civilization than any other element or development. We take pride in contributing architecture that is essential to the everyday lives of so many people. These projects are the ultimate response to sustainability because it all starts with water.

TAG has teamed with nationally recognized engineering firms and construction companies in the design of the facilities, a number of which are new major urban campuses and have received national recognition. We are knowledgeable in process technology and sequence, access to equipment for installation and long term maintenance, safety and operating systems. It is a fascinating challenge to wrap architecture around these facilities that is appealing and responds to the context of the community. Interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation are the elements that achieve success.

Our infrastructure projects include a variety of environmental water management and filtration systems including: Johns Creek Environmental Campus, RL Sutton Water Filter Plant, Scott Candler Water Filter Plant Expansion, Shoal Creek Water Filter Plant.